Recipe: Mediterranean Feast

This little feast is gunna be your new secret weapon for summer entertaining. With a couple amazingly flavourful elements, this Mediterranean Feast will surely please your next guests and it can be a fun group activity to cook for dinner! Marrying some great peri-peri skewers, herbed couscous, chopped salad, charred veggies, and my homemade hummus,…
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Recipe: Morning Matcha Bowl

This matcha smoothie bowl can be a great weekday morning breakfast before work, and what’s great about it is how customizable it can be. Throw in some berries, sliced apple, kiwi or whatever else you’re into, then hit it with some dried ingredients such as toasted coconut, nuts, seeds, goji berries, and more! 10 minutes…
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Homemade spicy hummus with Salmas crackers

Recipe: Fast, Fiery Hummus

Who made this healthy hummus?! Me! I made this hummus, and you can make in a snap it too! This was my first kick at making a fresh, homemade, hummus and it turned out really well. It was much better than anything you can get out of a container at the store I’m telling ya.…
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Oven roasted tomatoes with garlic, salt, and spices

Recipe: Slow Oven Roasted Tomatoes

Hang on! Before you click away because of the 2 hour clock below, this dangerously delicious recipe only takes 5-10 minutes of your time to prep. The 2 hours comes once the tomatoes hit the oven… as my girl Martha Stewart once said ‘we’re going low and slow on this one’. These bad boys are…
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Spring Flatbread with almond pesto, bruschetta, arugula, and cheese

Recipe: Spring Flatbread

Spring is upon us! Cool down with this refreshing and delicious spring flatbread comprising of a basil almond pesto, tasty bruschetta, and fresh arugula! It’s super quick to create and can easily please your guests. Serve this as an appetizer or as a main course dish alongside a protein such as BBQ ribs or top…
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Avocado Toast on sprouted bread with egg and greens

Recipe: Avocado & Egg Smash

Surprisingly this gorgeous beast was created on a weekday morning before work in under 20 minutes! Healthy, tasty and good looking food can sometimes take an immense amount of prep and cook time but this quick breakfast is a meal that doesn’t have to. Below is the step by step process to make this magnificent…
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